Software for organization and management of distributed file storage

Developed based on more than 12 years of experience with national-scale media repositories

Use Cases

Multimedia Storage and Delivery
Data backup and recovery
Archive storage

Main reasons to choose SDS AlmondFS

Reliable storage

Data is stored in multiple copies which are placed in different geo distributed availability zones. Data integrity control is implemented.

Economic efficiency

Equipment of any class can be used to build storage, commonly used and widely available hardware, enterprise-level hardware or even entire storage systems can be plugged-in

Productivity and high data availability

Implemented through effective load balancing and use of data caching

Horizontal scalability

Possible to increase the total performance of the storage by increasing the number of servers


  • Easy integration
  • Flexible management of data rules
  • Easy deployment
  • Easy to administrate and control
  • Maintenance and support

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