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Development and support of high-load services

One of the unique competencies of the team is the development and support of services operating under a load of 40,000 requests per second.
The NUT.Tech team has practical experience in building an infrastructure for delivering content with a bandwidth of more than 10 TB/s.

  • Building and deployment of a resilient video content infrastructure
  • Support and development of high-load services, sports resources and streaming
  • Design of applications and websites
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OTT Services

For more than 12 years, we have created and developed OTT products with various methods of monetization. This experience allows NUT.Tech to both create a project from scratch and connect to solutions for more local tasks at any stage of the cycle - from purchasing rights to implementing mobile applications:

  • Buying and selling content, developing content strategy
  • Development of services with different content distribution models - AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, FVOD
  • Live and VOD broadcasting, VOD content storage
  • Development of applications for video demonstration in different environments (web, iOS, Android and Smart TV)
  • Development of billing and reporting systems
  • Comprehensive content protection solutions, including DRM integration
// consulting

Upgrading Existing Solutions

Even using modern technologies and equipment, it is not always possible to ensure that the performance of the project meets the current needs of the business: growing technical debt, outdated application and service logic, inefficient infrastructure - all these can become blocking factors for development.

The expertise of the NUT.Tech team will allow you to develop a reasonable modernization strategy, preserving the pace of product development and its availability to end users.

  • Analysis of existing code and process stack
  • Local optimization of individual system components
  • Automate code delivery processes for production
  • Organization of uninterrupted migration of projects from one platform to another
  • Participation in building internal teams, development and testing processes
  • Optimize costs with adaptive and flexible solutions
  • Organization of monitoring and support services
// strategies

Digital ecosystems

NUT.Tech experts will develop a strategy to transform digital services into your own digital ecosystem or plan integration with an external ecosystem:

  • Strategy development
  • Architecture design and platform services development
  • Development of end-to-end authorization services
// digital products

Cross-platform services

News, video, digital services – in the modern world everything should be available to the user on any device, and switching between devices should become absolutely unimpeded:

  • Creating digital products from scratch or developing existing solutions in cross-platform ideology
  • Design and development of client application architecture
  • Development of applications or individual components for platforms
  • Creation of cross-authorization solutions

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