Cross-platform player SDK for playing video and audio content

When developing the player, we focused on the requirements and best practices accumulated over more than 12 years of experience working with OTT and video streaming services of any scale.

Playing VOD and LIVE on platforms

Smart TV

Why choose NUT.Player

Software independence

Does not depend on video platform implementation, server API, or client application.

Easy integration

The SDK architecture implies connecting the player as a separate independent component


Includes an extended set of options for customizing the interface and functionality of the player


It is possible to implement additional functionality or refine an existing one

Supported Options

  • Support HLS, HLS low latency, MPEG DASH, MP4
  • Player interface customization
  • Configuring player launch options and controlling the player during playback via the Player API
  • Playback speed and quality control
  • Logging and statistics
  • Loop playback, start from a specific second, etc.
  • And many other useful options

Any questions?